GoodMorning Global Group has celebrated its 15th anniversary at a gala highlighting the food tech company’s significant achievements.

Themed “Leap Forward 15 Years and Beyond”, the anniversary gala featured Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Chang Lih Kang as keynote speaker.

Guest of honour at the event was deputy head of mission for Sultanate of Oman to Malaysia, Mohamed Najeeb Al Bulushi. The gala highlighted several milestones, such as GoodMorning Global successfully meeting its equity crowdfunding target last month, raising an unprecedented RM20mil and attracting 1,046 investors, achievements that have been officially recognised and recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records.

During the gala, the company’s subsidiary GoodMorning Bio Industries was bestowed the Bio-Based Accelerator (BBA) certification by the Malaysia Bioeconomy Corporation. This recognition paves the way for the group to obtain the Bio-Nexus status, which solidifies the group’s position as a trailblazer in the future food and alternative food sector, under the National Biotechnology Policy 2.0. Chang, in his address, emphasised the importance of the National Biotechonology Policy 2.0, a key focus for the ministry.

The policy prioritises three pillars, namely agricultural bio- technology and food security health and well-being, and industrial biotechnology and circular economy.

Chang expressed confidence in the group’s potential to attain Bio-Nexus status and evolve into a leading global food technology multinational corporation.

He praised the company’s foresight in addressing the pressing global challenges of food crises, climate change and the development of “future food” through affordable and nutritionally balanced plant-based protein products.

In a move towards combating global greenhouse gas emissions and food crises, GoodMorning Global signed memorandums of understanding with Eastern Arrow LLC, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology, setting in motion collaborative research projects in the fields of food and biotechnology.

An eagerly anticipated announcement was the preview of the group’s independently developed, Malaysian-made and affordable powdered balanced plant protein product.

Set to be the group’s first flagship product, it highlights the group’s commitment to promote affordable and nutritionally balanced plant-based protein food on a global scale.

GoodMorning Global founder and executive chairman Datuk Dr Lim Sin Boon attributed the company’s rise as the leading grain beverage brand in Malaysia, commanding a remarkable 70% market share, to its patrons’ unwavering support and love.

Lim expressed gratitude to all customers, suppliers and business partners for their enduring support and trust.

GoodMorning Global chief executive officer and chief financial officer Dr Charles Cheng Fang Chin highlighted the company’s commitment to global collaboration in addressing the challenges of food security through innovative solutions in plant-based protein and biotechnology.

“World population growth poses a significant challenge to food security. “For GoodMorning Global, these challenges are also opportunities for innovation and transformation.

“We have prepared ourselves for these challenges with pioneering work in biotechnology,” said Cheng.

He said GoodMorning Global was poised to expand its reach beyond Malaysia and strengthen connections with the global community.

Reported by: The Star 04.08.2023