KUALA LUMPUR: Local food tech company GoodMorning Global Group Holdings Berhad (GMG) launched the country’s first dry mix complete nutrition plant-based meat on Nov 16.

Its WonderMeat product, which is primarily composed of soy and pea protein, has been listed in the Malaysia Book of Records.

The retail price of one pack is RM5.50, with each pack producing approximately 200g to 240g of wet mix.

GMG group CEO cum chief financial officer Dr Charles Cheng Fang Chin said WonderMeat was created with a focus on natural ingredients.

“The binding effects utilise plant fibres and it does not contain harmful chemicals. WonderMeat is designed to be a healthy meat alternative, rich in dietary fibre and protein.”

He said it is free of trans fat and cholesterol and is fortified with 28 vitamins and minerals as well as calcium B-hydroxy-B methylbutyrate, which could improve muscle mass or strength in older adults.

Cheng said WonderMeat is safe for consumption and has undergone thorough testing and approval.

“It stands out from other products due to its dry mix form, ease of preparation and comprehensive nutritional performance, providing a delicious culinary experience while meeting daily protein needs.

“One serving of WonderMeat can provide 18.4g of protein content, which is 37% of the daily nutrient reference value. It is prepared with a combination of 30% WonderMeat, 10% oil and 60% water, and can be shaped according to preference.”

He said the company is committed to sustainability and the sourcing and production practices prioritise environmental-friendly methods, which contribute to a more sustainable industry.

“We have invested in research and development for innovative manufacturing methods that reduce resource consumption and emissions.”

He said there is no need to freeze WonderMeat for storage and distribution purposes, adding that it addresses rising demand for plant-based protein by offering high quality, innovative meat substitute with complete nutrition.

“This dry mix caters to diverse dietary preferences, while meeting the growing need for sustainable and ethical food choices.”

Cheng said the plant-based meat market is rapidly evolving, driven by increasing awareness on health and sustainability, adding that WonderMeat gained entry into the Malaysia Book of Records due to its innovative product, marking a significant achievement in the food and beverage (F&B) industry.

GMG was previously listed in the Malaysia Book of Records for having the most investors in an equity crowdfunding campaign, which was used to accelerate its research.

He also said the company plans to engage in marketing and educational campaigns, leveraging platforms to communicate WonderMeat benefits, versatility and its role in a health-conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

“GMG is promoting the product to hotels and restaurants and F&B outlets will soon be serving WonderMeat-based dishes.”

Cheng added that the company has also planned outreach programmes and collaborations.

“We are constantly exploring opportunities for expansion and innovation, and bringing more exciting variations of WonderMeat to meet diverse consumer preferences.”

Reported by: The Sun Daily
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