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Do you consume enough protein in your daily diet? While it’s customary to keep an eye on your calorie sugar and salt intake it’s also critical to ensure that you’re getting enough protein to be healthy.


Plant Based Diet

Recently tons of people are slowly moving into and adopting plant-based diets as there are excellent scientific evidences that many chronic diseases can be prevented controlled or even reversed with a whole-food plant-based diet. Plant-based diet for example vegan diets can be healthful if they are well-balanced and nutritionally sufficient. Therefore you’ll need to pay attention to the quality of the foods you’re consuming.

Take protein for example many people associate high-quality protein with meats and other animal products but there are numerous plants that provide adequate protein and pea protein is a clear leader in the field of plant-based proteins.


Pea provide high-quality vegan-friendly and environmentally sustainable protein as well as branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) for muscle building without the risk of allergic reactions to major allergens. Pea has emerged as a protein powerhouse fast climbing the ranks as it appears in an increasing number of supplements aimed to improve endurance boost energy build muscle and aid weight loss. 


Pea protein powder is a high-quality easily digested protein source made from yellow peas. Yellow peas are dried and processed into a fine powder to make it. The starch is removed during this procedure which helps to preserve the minerals and vitamins. Pea protein is not only a high-quality protein and a good source of iron but it’s also vegan hypoallergenic and one of the easier-to-digest plant protein.


  • Helps build and repair muscles

Studies show that muscle mass strength and physical performance tend to decline with age and is associated with lack of nutrients. Therefore nutritional interventions may make an important contribution to preserve muscle mass and strength. Protein is a critical macronutrient for maintenance of normal bodily functions and protein intake along with physical activity can improve muscle quality. Besides building/ repairing muscles pea protein powder can also help deliver the quality of protein to maintain or increase muscle mass and strength when paired with exercise which can result in better physical performance.

Weight Loss
  • Aids in weight loss

Weight management experts often recommend a high-protein diet to help overweight and obese people lose weight and keep it off. Pea protein’s high levels of branched-chain amino acids might make it particularly helpful for preserving muscle mass and stimulating fat loss during weight loss. Besides increasing metabolism reducing sugar cravings and helping to control blood sugar levels pea protein can also reduce appetite and promote satiety because of its high protein and fiber content. This keeps us feeling full for a longer period of time hence we eat less.

Gain weight
  • Can be used for weight gain

Most of the protein products in the market promising weight gain nearly all contain high levels of sugar and calories in them. This isn’t necessarily healthy weight gain. If you want a product that isn’t going to put fat in your body and you don’t want to deal with a mid-day sugar-high from a weight gain shake consider a lower-calorie and sugar-free alternative such as pea protein. Pea protein is easily accessible and has the right combination of nutrients to support natural and healthy weight gain as it aids in providing amino acids and higher calories. Pea protein helps a person to gain lean body mass not just any type of body mass which is a healthier type of weight.

For overall health well being and maintenance
  • For overall health well being and maintenance

Dietary protein ensures our tissues and organs (including those related to our metabolism) have the building blocks they need to repair themselves and function efficiently. When complemented with regular exercise protein also helps  build strong muscles and bones that will keep us moving and help avoid age-related debility and frailty. Pea protein’s potential to positively alter the gut microbiota is also perhaps one of the most appealing health advantages. Besides that it also provides us with energy and prevent fatigue as it is rich in iron. Iron helps  our blood shuttle oxygen around the body so it’s essential to staying well-energized throughout the day.

Growth and development in children
  • Growth and development in children

There’s no denying that food has a significant impact on children’s health. In fact providing the finest nutrition for children can aid in their growth and development immunological function and the establishment of long-term healthy eating habits. Protein is especially crucial during infancy youth and adolescence to develop brain function besides the demands of growth and development. Pea protein is a wonderful option especially for fussy eaters and those on restrictive diet to meet their protein requirements.

GoodMorning’s Pea Protein: Your Perfect Plant Protein Powder

Choosing a protein supplement might be difficult with so many alternatives available in the market but GoodMorning’s Pea Protein makes it easier as it is a product that meets all your needs and is suitable for everyone of different lifespan stages!

The fact that Malaysia has a high prevalence of lactase deficiency and the majority of us Asians approximately 90% are lactose intolerant does not allow us to consume dairy based products which denies us from receiving proper nutrients. With Pea Protein those with lactose intolerance can obtain the energy and nutrients required without having to worry about lactose induced complications.

GoodMorning’s Pea Protein is  a plant-based beverage that is lactose free and has complete and balanced nutrition which  is specially formulated with 18 types of premium grains with 28 types of vitamins and minerals. Pea protein is high in protein with 18 types of amino acids in which 9 of it are essential amino acids and it is also high in iron and calcium.

Take your health into your own hands with GoodMorning’s Pea Protein a healthy and natural choice designed to improve your health! With an impressive amino acid mix protein digestibility rate and micronutrient profile pea protein could be the next gold standard in protein powder.