Vplus Salad Bento

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Vplus Salad Bento(200kcal)

 If you haven’t tried making bento yet you should give it a go! It is said that when you eat a bento lunch prepared by a loved one the feelings for you are transmitted through the food. What could be better than sending a bit of love and cuteness to your loved ones or yourself every day?

1 tomato (cubed) ¼ green apple (cubed) ½ slide pineapple (cubed) 1 small sweet potato 1 potato adequate lettuce some red green yellow bell pepper (cubed) 300g shrimp 2 soft boiled eggs 20g onion (cut slices) ¼ Japanese cucumber (cut slices) some coriander leaves chilies salt


40g Vplus 18 Grains 30g raisins some lemon juice and lemon peel adequate low-fat yogurt some pepper honey olive oil coriander stalk (diced) water



  1. Wash and clean the shrimps cook with salt water until it appears red.
  2. Soft boil the egg until it becomes coddled egg.
  3. Clean and cut the potatoes into small pieces. Steam until become soft and mash it.
  4. Combine all other ingredients in a bowl.
  5. For the sauce combine Vplus 18 Grains with some water and stir in other sauce ingredients.
  6. Mix all prepared ingredients and spread some olive oil before serving.