GoodMorning® VCoffee (3 Boxes Total : 45 Sachets x 15g)

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Healthy Red Coffee 
18 Multi-grains
Premium Arabica Coffee Bean
Natural Colour from Beetroot
High in Antioxidant 
High Dietary Fibre
No Added Sugar 
1st Whole Grains Red Coffee in Malaysia

This Item Include:
VCoffee 18 Grains Red Coffee is crafted with premium roasted Arabica coffee beans blended with red beet roots and soluble fibre to give a smoothly satisfying taste. Whole grains break down slower than refined and simple sugars (white rice or white bread), thus it provides more steady energy release which helps you to keep awake, energize, and provide satiety. Just the right energy booster you might need! Besides, those coffee lovers who had gastric or bloating problems, they do not need to worry for taking coffee will hurts their stomach. 

1.18 Whole Grains - Contain 18 types of premium whole grains. Source of energy. Relieve the stomach and provide fullness.
2.Beet Root - High antioxidant and iron. Helps to increase blood count. Detoxifies the body and keeps the liver healthy.
3.Garcinia Cambogia - High Concentration of Hydroxycitricacid (HCA). Suppressing appetite. Improves metabolism. Lowers cholesterol. 
4.Premium Arabica Coffee Bean - Finest quality. Rich in antioxidant and chlorogenic acid. Get rid of edema.
5.Fiber Crème - High dietary fiber. Soluble fiber with low sugar content. Provide an excellent creaminess and mouthfeel.
6.Natural color from Beetroot.
7.High in antioxidant.
8.High in Dietary Fibre.
9.No added sugar. 

Suitable For:
1.All ages.

Preparation Methods: 
Mix 1 sachet of VCoffee with 150ml hot water, stir well and serve.