GoodMorning® Madu Koko 18 Bijirin 1kg

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GoodMorning® Madu Koko 18 Bijirin 1kg (EXP: 07/2024) 

Combination of Sunnah food and 18 Multi-grains
Tasty and Satisfying Cocoa Drink 
Honey for a Natural Sweetener and High in Antioxidants
High in Calcium
High in Dietary Fiber
Source of Iron
Cholesterol Free
No 1 Multi-Grain Beverage Brand in Malaysia

This Item Include:
The sunnah practice from Prophet Muhammad encourages his believer to consume clean and healthy food, this is because the stomach is the key to good health or illness. Superfoods are a nutrient-dense food, they are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Madu Koko contains sunnah food such as honey and barley. It also contains 18 types of whole grains that are high in dietary fiber and antioxidants. 

1.Honey - Natural sweetener with high in antioxidants.
2.Cocoa - Cocoa contains flavonoids that help increase blood flow to the brain, making you focus and alert. High in iron which helps in red blood cell formation. 
3.Calcium - Aids in development of strong bones and teeth.
4.Prebiotic Inulin - Helps the growth of good bacteria and boosts immunity system.
5.Barley - Provide long lasting energy.
6.Cholesterol free.
7.High in Calcium.
8.High in Dietary Fiber.
9.Source of Iron. 
10.Trans Fat Free.

Suitable For:
1.All ages.

Preparation Methods: 
Mix 3 scoops (~25g) of Madu Koko with 125ml warm water. Ice may be added as an option.