How does blue light affect our eyes?

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Do you spend every day looking at your electronic devices? Did you know that these devices such as computers phones or tablets emit blue light that is bad for your eyes? And what exactly is the blue light? What causes blue light to be so destructive to us?

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Blue light

Blue light is part of the visible light in the natural environment. In the visible light spectrum to our eyes there are mainly seven colors: red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. The shorter the wavelengths of visible light the higher the energy of the wave. Blue light is powerful and it can penetrate the entire structure of the eye eventually causing various problems to our eyes. In fact blue light is commonly found in computers mobile phones sunlight projectors LED lights and so on and these blue light emitted by electronic products is the source of harmful blue light.

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In today’s society many young people are inseparable from electronic devices. For example office workers must work in front of the computer everyday. Besides due to this outbreak pupils and teachers have been forced to use electronic devices to learn and teach which has also led to increased use of electronic screens. In fact it is now easy to see that everyone has to use their mobile phones whenever they are even when they are eating or waiting for the bus. Furthermore children nowadays have become addicted to electronic devices.

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However prolonged exposure to electronics can cause free radicals to form in the eye further damaging retinal cells in the eye. In addition looking at electronic screens for a long time can cause eye strain dry corneas chronic inflammation and eye diseases that can affect visual health. If we don’t protect our eyes in time these harmful blue light can eventually cause macular deformities in the eye and can even lead to permanent blindness.

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Electronic products have been popularized in every family and electronic technology has become an unavoidable thing in our daily life. Therefore we must learn how to protect our eyes from these harmful blue lights.

Take good care of eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul therefore we must understand how to protect eyes and reduce the damage blue light does to them. We can follow the methods below to protect our eyesight and prevent blindness:

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In addition we must provide adequate nutrition for the eyes to ensure they are able to function properly. Lutein filters out blue light that penetrates into the eye it helps to absorb these harmful blue light. Lutein is also a nutrient that lowers the risk of macular degeneration in our eyes because of its high antioxidant properties. Long-term use of lutein has been shown to help improve vision slow vision degradation increase visual recognition and relieve eye fatigue. Furthermore lutein can also help to reduce the risk of chronic eye diseases such as cataract and it can help to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration(AMD).


In fact lutein is the main pigment in the macular area of the human eye it is also one of the natural yellow pigments found in plants. For example we can get lutein from many yellow and green plants such as calendula kale and spinach.

Although we are born with lutein in our eyes but decreases with age. Therefore we should make sure that we can get enough lutein to protect our eyes and reduce the damage caused by blue light.

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Name: Wong Yan Xiang
Position: Nutritionist
Education: BSc(Hons) Nutrition with Wellness UCSI University