GoodMorning Global is a biotechnology and food technology company and Malaysia's first and largest multigrain company. For more than 15 years, it has been at the forefront of promoting plant-based nutrition to ensure food security and combat climate change.

In 2012, the company recognized a gap in the market for healthy beverages, and it ventured into the development of multigrain beverages as part of its vertical integration business strategy. "When we talk about multigrain, we're talking about 18 types of grains," says Dr. Charles Fang Chin Cheng, Group CEO of GoodMorning Global. "Grain is like a seed of a plant-it's a miracle. You just need to cultivate it with water. It is the most nutritious part of a plant."

This endeavor led to the creation of Malaysia's first plant-based functional beverages that address specific health needs and plant-based complete nutrition beverages that serve individuals with lactose intolerance, particularly the elderly.

The company, which offers its GoodMorning Digital Marketing platform and novel subscription model, is venturing into international Muslim markets, including the Middle East and Indonesia, and offers its production capacity for international OEM and ODM businesses.

"GoodMorning Global's vision is to become a world-leading food technology and multigrain company by delivering wellness to consumers and creating value for shareholders," says Cheng, "Our company is well positioned to maximise shareholder value by capitalising on world megatrends in the agri-food sector, and by contributing to the global UN SDGs, in particular ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition for the world's population, and combating climate change. If we are able to supply complete nutrition to people in Malaysia, can this not be the solution for the future and the underprivileged groups in Asia and Africa? All you need is water and our plant-based products."

Cheng emphasises the significance of plant-based nutrition, and points out that "GoodMorning Global is also the first in Malaysia to launch dry-mix, complete-nutrition, plant-based meat."

Leveraging biotechnology and plant-based food technology, GoodMorning Global aims to replace animal-based products with plant-based alternatives, deliver affordable plant-based nutrition to the world's population, and contribute to carbon reduction.

Reported by: Fortune Magazine October/November 2023

Reported by: REO Communications Fortune, October/November 2023 Issue #27
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