Energy Booster Muesli

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Energy Booster Muesli(300kcal)

It is a simple and delicious recipe that can be pre-made at night and served as breakfast the next day. This muesli is made up of a complete ‘five colour’ diet namely white green black red and yellow.

30g Vplus 18 Grains  1/3 cup instant oats adequate low-fat yogurt adequate organic molasses 1 small cup yogurt drink adequate hot water some coconut flesh kiwi cranberry jackfruit black raisins



  1. Prepare a clean dry glass jar.
  2. Pre-cook the instant oats with hot water for 15 minutes. Set aside.
  3. Add Vplus 18 Grains in water and stir until becomes thick paste.
  4. Place Vplus 18 Grains paste into the glass jar as first layer follow by the instant oats kiwi jackfruit coconut flesh molasses low-fat yogurt raisins and cranberry.
  5. Cover the lid and chill for one night.
  6. Serve cold with yogurt drink or soy drink.