Vplus Tomato Meatball/Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce

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Vplus Tomato Meatball/Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce(350kcal)

Meatball/spaghetti with Bolognese sauce is everyone’s favourite in a western restaurant. By using this recipe you can now serve it in a healthier style with GoodMorning® Vplus 18 Grains. This dish is simple yet easy and low in calories.

1/2 pack of spaghetti (thin) 500g tomato sauce 800g chicken breast 1 egg adequate coriander garlic some red chili chopped spring onion coriander flakes

50g Vplus 18 Grains adequate cheese lemon juice some basil flakes pepper salt olive oil


  1. Mince the chicken breast and add in Vplus 18 Grains egg coriander leaves and seasoning. Shape the meat into desired size meatball.
  2. Coat a sauté pan with olive oil add in garlic red chili spring onion and fry with meatball until golden yellow.
  3. Add in tomato sauce a pinch of salt and lemon juice and cook with the meatball.
  4. Cook the spaghetti noodle in boiling water add salt and some sesame oil while boiling.
  5. Drain the cooked pasta add in Method 3. Cook for another moment again for better taste. Serve.