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No woman wants to get vaginitis or vaginal infections. Unfortunately this problem occurs quite common to the women’s population in the world. A study suggested more than 21 million women aged 14-49 years infected with vaginitis that is caused by Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) (US Pharm. 2018;43(9):30-33). This common infection is due to the imbalance of number of “good bacteria” and “bad bacteria” in the vagina. If suddenly you are experiencing pain or burning in the vagina, itchiness, thin greyish discharge with strong odor, you should seriously go meet your GP immediately!

Hygiene is the key!
In order to avoid BV, a woman must really take a good care of her feminine part. The most popular option for this purpose is by using feminine wash. However, most doctors do not recommend feminine wash due to these reasons:

  • May alter pH imbalance of vagina.
  • Kill good bacteria while targeting the bad bacteria.
  • Cause irritation to the vaginal skin and/or vulva.
  • Contains alcohol, paraben and perfumes.
  • May spread even more bacteria to other parts of vagina.

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VSecret Spray is a pioneer to the feminine care. Unlike feminine wash, VSecret Spray is safe and free from harmful chemicals. It is made up with minerals such as Zinc Oxide to give benefit to the users. By using VSecret Spray creates a shield that protects the skin around vagina from any contact to the harmful environment. VSecret Spray kills the culprits in the V area that may cause infections, odors, itchiness and soreness while prevent it from spreading to other area.

The ZeroTouch technology offers a day long protection from infections leaving you feeling fresh and clean for 24 hours. VSecret Spray also improves blood circulation as it also emits mild and safe far infrared. Hence, improves radiance and makes V’s skin more pinkish with continuous usage. It is also boosts healing from previous infections.

As it is sprayed on the panties, VSecret Spray will not mess with you V’s pH level. VSecret Spray is proven to kill 99.9% bacteria that cause BV, itching, odor and vulvar eczematous.

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