In this Father’s Day giving dad a gift of health!

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Why not we give the best gift – gift of health to our dad in this coming Father’s Day to add precious years to his life during which we able to keep express our love to him. To stay healthy and longer our heart need to be pump!


Did you know that Cardiovascular disease is the principal cause of death for men in the Malaysia?
There are around 37 deaths per day due to cardiovascular diseases.

Tips to keep dad healthy :
1. Get enough sleep
2. Stop smoking
3. Show him with love
4. Encourage relaxation
5. Regular check up
6. Be active
7. Eat healthy
8. Nourish body with important nutrients


1. Get enough sleep
Sleep is essential for a healthy heart. Oversleeping or lack of sleep will disrupt our biological process such as inflammation blood pressure and glucose metabolism. Insufficient sleep will increase the amount of inflammatory cells in the bone marrow which cause the formation of plaque lead to hardening of arteries or atherosclerosis. High blood pressure also will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. A healthy person need between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night.


2. Stop smoking
Smoking causes damage on body cell which increase the risk of cancer. Tars in cigarettes will coats in lungs and causes lung cancer. Carbon monoxide in cigarettes will narrow the blood vessel and rise the blood pressure which will lead to stroke and heart diseases.


3. Show him with love
Always give your dad a warm hug. Studies shown that a hug able to help release serotonin and oxytocin which offer feelings of happiness and increase the immune system.


4. Encourage relaxation
Stress affect overall health and increase aging. Therefore schedule him a massage prepare him a relax bubble bath and plan a vacation for him.


5. Regular check up
Encourage dad have regular health screening. Always observe the reading of cholesterol and blood pressure of your dad. High cholesterol and blood pressure will increase risk of heart diseases and stroke.


6. Be active
Exercise helps increase energy improve heart health and decrease stress. Get your dad into gym or sign up classes like fitness Gigong or Tai Chi and if can join him. Besides go for a walk with your dad after dinner or go for biking during weekend or during his off day. Encourage him to have at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.


7. Eat healthy
Encourage him to reduce intake of high fat foods and increase intake of fruits and vegetables. Encourage him to replace simple carbs (white rice) with complex carbs (Whole grains – quinoa brown rice and barley). Get him a healthy and nutritious breakfast such as GoodMorning VGrains VPlus VCoffee or VHalia instead of oily Nasi Lemak with Teh Tarik. Besides prepare him a balanced diet with all colors of fruits and vegetables. Use healthier seasonings such as mustard vinegar herbs peppers lemon juice and spices during food preparation.


8. Nourish body with important nutrients
Fill up the gaps in your dad diet with good multivitamin. Nutrients that important for your dad are:



Food sources

Vitamin B

Important for nervous system function reduce stress and provide healthy mood

Whole grains legumes seeds and nuts dark leafy vegetables eggs and dairy products

Vitamin D

Increase calcium absorption strengthen bones

Mushroom egg yolk tuna salmon


Optimal bone health

Dark leafy vegetables tofu


Maintain muscle mass and strength bone health

Soy legumes nuts seeds

High fiber

Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Fruits and vegetables grains bean legumes


Power heart and other muscles control blood pressure strengthen bones

Fruits and vegetables (Spinach broccoli peas leafy green)


Regulate calcium balance control blood sugar level lower blood pressure prevent depression

Whole grains black beans quinoa almond cashews


Promote brain health maintain healthy heart and prostate health

Whole grains seeds and nuts legumes shellfish meat egg


Written By:

Ernice ENG 13