Goji Berries and Eyes?

Health Corner

Goji berry is a very common Chinese medicine. Nowadays we can buy goji berries from many shops especially Traditional Chinese Medicine stores and some grocery stores. You may add a tablespoon of goji berry to a big glass of water or inside your soup because you believe it is good for your body.

In fact goji berries are rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber iron vitamin A C and so on. According to study on goji berries consuming goji berries in moderation may be helpful to eyes prevent atherosclerosis and thrombosis and help in blood circulation and immunity.

Nevertheless goji berries may protect us against age-related eye disease and has beneficial effects in alleviating dry eye disease. It was used for improving eyesight in ancient China this is because goji berries contain nutrients that are good for the eyes such as vitamin A zeaxanthin and antioxidants it may help to prevent macular degeneration. Zeaxanthin in goji berry has a similar function as lutein it helps to absorb blue light which is harmful to our eyes.

Name: Wong Yan Xiang
Position: Nutritionist
Education: BSc(Hons) Nutrition with Wellness UCSI University