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Did you know? Our gut also refer to as the “second brain”. Our gut consists millions of neurons, which perform similarly to how the brain in the head naturally functions. Our gut not only have functions of digestion and absorption, may also send signals to the central nervous system (CNS) that trigger mood changes. Our intestine health will change according to out lifestyle and diet. There are about 500 kinds of bacteria in the intestines, and the total weight can reach 1.5 kg. They are classified into three types, such as good bacteria, harmful bacteria and intermediate bacteria.

Our skin has two functions such as excretion and protection. When our skin excrete toxic out from our body, it will leads to occurrence of dry skin, red rash, acne and other skin problems. Our body toxic will accumulate in our intestine. If our intestine dysfunction, the toxic substances in our intestine not able to be process, our skin metabolism and condition also will be affected. High consumption of fats, protein and low fiber in our daily diet will causes our gut aging rapidly. Protein and fats are the “food” for harmful bacteria in the gut, which causes them to breed rapidly, they will break down the protein and fats, secrete toxic substance in the gut. These toxic substances will flow into our blood, our blood will pump throughout the body, increase the body toxicity.

Lets Detox

How to keep our gut in healthy and young?
Increase intake of high fiber foods, adequate probiotic and carbohydrate, they are “food” for good bacteria in the gut. This helps to balance our gut bacteria, improve gut health condition, increase the breakdown of toxic substances, reduce the toxic eliminate through the skin, our skin will remains smooth and delicate! According to Malaysian Dietary Guidelines 1999, the recommendation of dietary fiber intake for adult is between 20g to 30g per day. However, studies have shown that more than 50% of Malaysians consume less than the recommended fiber intake.

How do we know whether our body needs a cleanse?
If your body toxicity is high, you may experiences symptoms such as bloating/gas, constipation, bad breath, weight gain, skin problem, headache, migraine, muscle pain and ache, insomnia, body overheating and sweating and poor immune system.

Want Beauty? Let’s Detox!

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GoodMorning Betox is a refreshing fiber drink formulated to suit today’s modern lifestyle and can consumes daily to cleanse our body for good health maintenance. GoodMorning Betox is a delicious fiber drink specially formulated with fruits, wheatgrass, probiotic and prebiotic to help detox and purify your body on the inside, promoting healthier body, clearer and more radiant skin on the outside. Prebiotics is the food source for probiotic, helps to balance the gut bacteria, increase the body immunity. Betox consists of insoluble fiber and soluble fiber (Fibresol-2). Insoluble fiber helps to excrete harmful and toxic substances, increase the excretion of fat in stool. While soluble fiber helps to absorbs excess fat, cholesterol and sugar.

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