Weight loss & limb weakness are normal changes of aging?

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People always assume that weight loss limb weakness and other symptoms are normal changes of aging but in fact these symptoms are caused by malnutrition and can be improved through diet and lifestyle.

When people age body tissues will start to change (muscle and minerals decrease) chewing function will degenerate taste sensory will decrease gastrointestinal digestive and absorptive function will decline or having diseases such as diabetes kidney disease abnormal thyroid function and so on. In addition disability or mental problems will also cause limitations in movements among elderly these various factors will indirectly lead to malnutrition.


What will happen if the elderly suffer from malnutrition?

  • Weight loss (fat muscle mass loss)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Limb weakness
  • Lack of strength & easy to fall
  • Bone easy fracture
  • Immunity decrease
  • Pale skin
  • Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure heart disease anemia chronic kidney disease tumors high uric acid etc


How to prevent malnutrition among elderly?

  • Healthy Diet
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The elderly should control their daily calorie intake. For the elderly the carbohydrate intake is preferably 55% to 60% and the fat intake should not exceed 20% to 30% of the total calories. The protein breakdown among the elderly will increase and the protein utilization capacity will decrease. Therefore it is necessary to be aware of protein intake among the elderly and also to reduce the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. The elderly may choose plant based protein sources. The elderly should also emphasize on intake of calcium and vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis.

  • Regular Self-examination
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Regular weight checking or going for medical examination. If there is a risk of malnutrition nutrition intervention can be carried out in time. At the same time it can also treat primary diseases such as cardiovascular diseases middle bronchitis or kidney diseases in time and these diseases can also affect the nutritional status of the elderly.

  • Exercise
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Different elderly groups will have different amounts of exercise. It is recommended to proceed step by step and do your best to ensure safety. Exercise at least 10 minutes a day and slowly increase the exercise time. You don’t have to force yourself to achieve longer exercise time do it based on your own ability.  

The elderly can choose to exercise such as walking in the park morning exercises and resistance exercise (lifting dumbbells or weights such as mineral water bottles to exercise and squatting or applying stretch belts and other auxiliary tools). The elderly with good balance and flexibility can choose exercise like yoga dancing tai chi sword dance and more.


Is there any easy & simple way for the elderly to prevent malnutrition?

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