Vplus Golden Kaya

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Vplus Golden Kaya(150kcal)

Kaya is wildly popular in Southeast Asia. It is a food spread made from a base of coconut milk eggs sugar and pandan leaves. This special kaya is a blend of pumpkin with GoodMorning® Vplus 18 Grains which has higher nutritional value taste even better and is free from coconut milk.

Ingredients A:
500g Pumpkin

Ingredients B:
100g Vplus 18 Grains ½ tsp salt 80g honey 2 eggs

Ingredients C:
4 pcs pandan leaves 2 tbsp organic coconut oil


  1. Remove skin and seeds of pumpkin cut into small pieces and steam till cook (for 15 minutes). Remove excess water and mash while hot.
  2. Blend Vplus 18 Grains and all other Ingredient B into puree and continue blend with pumpkin. Filter it in the pot.
  3. Add in Ingredient C stir constantly for 15 minutes at low heat until it becomes paste. Serve.