Let’s do a simple test on checking our gut health!

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Select “Yes” or “No” according to the following conditions:

  1. Skip breakfast frequently
  2. Love to consume deep fried foods
  3. Consume processed food regularly
  4. Love to eat meat more than vegetables (lack of consumption on high fiber foods)
  5. Do not love to eat seaweed beans potatoes etc.
  6. Always love to eat High MSG snacks do not eat staple food(like rice etc)
  7. Love to drink alcohol
  8. Do not love to exercise
  9. Love to be a night-owl (staying up late)
  10. Feel tired and fatigue easily
  11. Always have headache migraine or muscle pain & ache
  12. Weight gain
  13. Having constipation or diarrhea easily
  14. Hold the bowel movement frequently
  15. Gums bleeding during brushing teeth
  16. Dry and rough skin acne
  17. Body prone to allergies such as rash
  18. Often feel annoyed and nervous
  19. Bloating or gas
  20. Bad breath
  21. Poor immune system fall sick easily
  22. Insomnia
Yes or no


According to the above situation:

1. If you had answer with “Yes” for 4 times and less

“Congratulation! You have a healthy gut! Continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to prevent disease.”

2. If you had answer with “Yes” for 5-12times

“You should pay attention to your gut health!Your gut health has started to goes wrong. The harmful bacteria in the intestines begin to increase and multiply leads to imbalance of gut bacteria! You should consume more fiber foods right amount of probiotics and carbohydrates to help balances the gut bacteria and accelerate the decomposition of toxic substances and improve the intestinal environment.”

3. If you had answer with “Yes” for 13 times and more

“You had an unhealthy gut leads to serious impact on your health thus you should take immediate action to restore your gut health! If your unhealthy intestinal environment continues to deteriorate your gut bacteria imbalance will become more serious. This will reduce the body’s immune system leading to easy infection and even increase the risk of Colorectal cancer (CRC). if you have serious constipation get tired easily and etc you should pay more attention! It’s time to clean up your intestines.”


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