Protein boost your immunity?

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The first line of defence against bacteria or virus infection is our skin. However once the powerful virus break through the first line of defense antibodies and immune cell in the body will play an important role in destroying the enemy.

Proteins are described as the ‘backbone’ of cells because they have a structural role in all cell walls.Protein is important for body tissue building and repairing as well as fight bacterial and viral infection. Moreover the immune system powerhouse such as antibodies and immune system cells also rely on protein. Lack of protein intake may lead to symptoms of poor immunity weakness fatigue or apathy. Therefore we need to make sure we had provide sufficient protein and amino acid to our body for strong immunity.


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Immune System- White Blood Cell

White blood cells are the “soldier” for the immune system to fight the infectious pathogen. In fact they are the main player in the immune system. Once the body is invaded by the foreign substances or possible infectious thread from bacteria and viruses the white blood cells will engulf and destroy the pathogens. This is why we need to maintain the number of white blood cells in the body.

Cells are made up of protein. Same goes to the white blood cells. Therefore since protein makes up the white blood cells it is important for our body to have enough protein to make enough “soldiers”.


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Immune System- Antibodies

Our body utilize amino acids from dietary proteins to build up proteins within our body and immune system. Proteins help to produce antibodies to fight disease. Antibodies are the giant proteins molecules that flow in the blood that help body defense against bacteria viruses other foreign agents and diseases.

When a virus enters into our body cells and start multiply  it will soon overwhelm with disease they cause like flu smallpox measles or common cold. Once the body has produced antibodies against a particular disease agent such as flu the cells producing the antibody will “remember” the infection and provide long-lasting immunity to it. When the next time that same virus invades our body the antibodies will even respond more quickly. This is the way our body gets immunity against the diseases it is exposed to.


Healthy Plant-based protein no burden!

According to the current eating pattern most people consume animal protein with high fats and cholesterol. Therefore people can choose to avoid cooking method such as deep frying and also increase consumption of plant protein (low fat & zero cholesterol).

On the other hand complement your diet with protein sources at the same time also should concern on the intake of carbohydrate vitamins and minerals. Lack of these nutrient may affect protein utilization and metabolism. Protein requirement are based on individual’s weight age and physical activity. For example: kids or adolescent under growth and development stage as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women their daily intake of protein are higher than other people.

However GoodMorning recommended Pea Protein 18 Grains – plant based complete nutrition beverages rich in 28 types of minerals and vitamins 18 types of amino acids with 9 essential amino acid.



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