Let’s start anti-aging by antioxidants

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The process of oxidation is the process of aging. Besides rusty iron and apples that turn into yellow colour are related to the oxidation process. Free radicals also work with tyrosine to produce melanin which darkens the skin. Do you know how to reduce the oxidation of the skin? In fact we should increase the variety intake of antioxidants to fight against the oxidative damage from free radicals on human cells. Studies have shown that health and longevity are associated with the body’s antioxidant capacity.

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There are two common types of antioxidants: primary antioxidants and secondary antioxidants.

Superoxide dismutase(SOD) is one of the primary antioxidants it is an active antioxidant enzyme existing in every cell of the body also known as the “powerful anti-aging substance”. SOD can directly eliminate a large number of free radicals produced by the body in the process of metabolism. 

The secondary antioxidants can be found in some fruits such as Camu Camu fruit and strawberries also from Vitamin E grape seeds and glutathione.

In 1969 Fridovich a famous American biochemist identified that there is an active enzyme called superoxide dismutase(SOD) in the human body which can effectively prevent body aging dull skin disease and cancer caused by free radicals. The scientists also found that there are more than 100 diseases 85% of body aging and 90% of cancers are related to excess free radicals.

In 1998  three famous American scientists announced that the lack of SOD is related to the cause of illness and death. Thus the replenishment of SOD can prevent and treat various diseases and also delay the process of aging in the body.

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The positive effects of SOD:

  1. Effectively removing free radicals oxidation helps to prevent pigmentation whiten skin remove skin spots and wrinkles and increase the moisture of the skin.
  2. Quickly decompose harmful free radicals in the body it also regulates the quality of sleep enhances our memory and improves the body’s immunity.
  3. The replenishment of SOD can prevent cardiovascular diseases dementia and reduce blood lipids blood pressure cholesterol level.
  4. Improve and enhance our hepatobiliary function.
  5. Prevent age-related cataracts and improve eyesight.
  6. Improve diabetes.
  7. Improve joint mobility.
  8. Helps in wound healing.


Name: Wong Yan Xiang
Position: Nutritionist
Education: BSc(Hons) Nutrition with Wellness UCSI University