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The gut is an important immune and detoxification organ in the human body. When it comes to detox everyone thinks of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber also known as “green scavenger” it helps to prevent constipation improve bowel movement maintain healthy balance of gut bacteria and healthy skin. Did you know that we have to restore our gut bacteria health too after detoxification? Prebiotic act as food for gut bacteria it helps to stimulate the growth of good bacteria and improve overall intestinal health.

Nowadays people is busy with their hectic life so how are they achieve both detox and restore the good bacteria at the same time?

GoodMorning had formulated a refreshing fibre drink to suit today’s modern lifestyle – Betox it helps to detox and restore the good bacteria! GoodMorning Betox contains Insoluble fibre Soluble fibre (Detox) and Probiotic Prebiotic (Restore).


Insoluble FibreSoluble Fibre
• Prevent constipation & obesity.• Sticky texture – slow down digestion and absorption of starch protein and other substance effectively control blood sugar level.
• Absorb water soften stool & add bulk to stool.• Lower blood lipids.
• Absorb the harmful substances in food waste.• Help to lowering cholesterol- reduce the risk of heart disease high blood pressure etc.
• Promotes bowel movement.• Bind with bile acid and excrete out with fecal helps to reduce blood cholesterol maintains blood vessel soft and elasticity prevent artery blockage.
• Reduces the period of time for harmful substances in food waste contact with the intestinal wall. 
• Excrete harmful & toxic substances out from the body. 
• Reduce the risk of bowel cancer & promote beauty. 


Probiotic 500 million CFUPrebiotics – Inulin
• Promotes growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria• Food sources of probiotics
• Reduce LDL Cholesterol & blood pressure• Reduce the pH of the intestine
• Prevent diarrhea• Regulation of intestinal flora balance
• Reduce eczema & allergy• Strengthen immune system
• Keep gut healthy 



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