Besides Probiotic there are 4 types of nutrients needed to get rid of Vaginal Infection!

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Our immune system offer our body protection against bad bacteria. However our skin does not have a strong protective “wall” or immune to fight against the bad bacteria. Everyone know that feminine part of male and female is easily to get infection. This is because sweat tight pants humid environment will  promote the growth of bad bacteria. 

When we talk about prevention for Vaginal Infection or Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) most of the female will think about having proper maintaining vaginal health by make sure intimate part is always clean and breath-ability applying intimate wash or Vsecret Spray as well as having adequate Probiotic to maintain a normal vaginal pH. Other than having proper vaginal health maintenance selecting the right nutrients in our daily diet is also very important it may helps to improve vaginal immunity prevent the infection!

To boost up vaginal immunity what 4 nutrients are required?


Phytonutrients refers to the plant chemicals that offer plants with color and flavor which helps to enhance immunity anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial and etc. There is five different color categories: red purple/blue yellow green and white/brown.

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Food that rich in anthocyanins include of purple sweet potato blueberry blackberry roselle grape seed cranberry and etc. Anthocyanins are the type of flavonoid helps to fight against free radical anti-inflammatory anti-viral boost up vaginal immunity. Furthermore it also helps to prevent bad bacteria (E.coli) from binding to the wall of urinary tract prevents bacteria growth and reduce the onset of urinary tract infections and vaginal infection.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays important role in collagen synthesis which helps to enhances the elasticity flexibility and moisture of vaginal walls. It also helps to form a protective layer within the vaginal wall prevent the entering of bad bacteria increase the vaginal immunity. Therefore we should increase intake of fruits and vegetables. 

Vitamin B

Food sources of vitamin B include of whole grains legumes seeds and nuts dark leafy vegetables fruits and etc. Vitamin B support metabolism and contribute to the body’s ability to produce energy. Vitamin B plays significant role in cell production oxidation and reparation. Vitamin B also helps to generate antibodies boost up body immune system as well as increase vaginal immunity.

Internal genitalia protection

It is not difficult to get these 4 nutrients in your daily diet! These 4 nutrients can be get from our GoodMorning VGrains 18 Grains and Good Morning Betox.  GoodMorning VGrains is made up from 18 types of premium whole grains added with 7 unique ingredients including purple sweet potato blueberry lutein calcium soya lecithin prebiotic inulin and water soluble fiber. It provides 5 colours of phytonutrients antioxidant and vitamin B. Besides purple sweet potato and blueberry are rich in anthocyanins and high in antioxidants helps in strengthens the immune system increase vaginal immunity. On the other hand Good Morning Betox is a delicious fibre drink formulated with fruits spinach wheatgrass vitamin C probiotic prebiotic and etc. It helps to detox and purify body increase body immunity.

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External genitalia protection

Through the latest technology – ZeroTouchTM Technology Vsecret Spray has no skin contact and no rinsing required just need to direct spray on undergarment. VSecret Spray will films a shield and offers remarkable 12-24hours protections helps to reduce the growth of bad bacteria at intimate part and relieve vaginal discharge problem.

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With the double “protection” a women can be more feminine.

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