VPlus Salmon Fillet

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VPlus Salmon Fillet

1 Salmon

3x butter

3 spoon of Good Morning VPlus 18 Grains

1 yogurt

few green beans

2x shallot

5x mushroom


Prepare Sauce:
1. Prepare the sauce by 3 tables spoon of Good Morning VPlus 18 Grains
2. Mix with some water put in some yogurt mix well and set aside.


Methods :
1. Pan fry the salmon with a bit of butter
2. Take out the salmon then stir fry the green bean
3. Then fry shallot till fragrant together with the mushroom
4. Can add a little of water if too dry
5. Put the GoodMorning sauce (A) into the pan together stir fry with mushroom
6. Put the GoodMorning sauce on to the top of salmon
7. Can be served