International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the achievements of women in various fields. In fact women play a very important role in society they also act as a mother wife teacher and housekeeper.

Women’s healthy condition has always been a significant topic in our society today. The few common issues faced by women today includes: 

Cold Feet and Hands

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One of the most common issues faced by most women includes cold feet and hands. From the Chinese Traditional Medicine perspective cold feet and hands are related to Qi and blood. With poor circulation and insufficient blood volume these may cause cold feet and hands.

V18 bamboo ginger benefit 1.9-01

V18 Grains is a nutritious grains beverage made from 18 types of grains with 5 colours of phytonutrients and added with bamboo ginger quinoa and inulin. Bamboo ginger has higher gingerol content it helps to improve cold feet and hands blood circulation and warm up body. Besides ginger could be an effective treatment for menstrual pain in dysmenorrhea.


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In Malaysia 90% of pregnant women suffer from iron deficiency and 40% of them are affected by anaemia. The most common form of anaemia is iron deficiency anaemia. The symptoms of anaemia in women such as tiredness cold hands and feet dizziness and paleness. Iron is the main element in the production of hemoglobin. Iron deficiency may occur as pregnant or lactating mothers will require more iron content than others.


Vplus contains beetroot and other active ingredients. Beetroot is high in antioxidants and iron and it helps to keep our liver healthy and detoxify the body.  For women who suffer from anaemic beetroot helps to increase blood count because it has the nutrients for making hemoglobin and red blood cells. Furthermore it also provides sufficient iron intake for pregnant women who require three times more iron content than usual.

Vaginal infection

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Bacterial Vaginosis(BV) is the most common vaginal condition in women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) BV is linked to an imbalance of bacterias that are normally found in a woman’s vagina. Moreover BV symptoms include gray vaginal discharge a strong fish-like odor itching and burning in the vagina.


VSecret spray is made up of minerals such as Zinc Oxide to fight against harmful pathogens it is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria that cause BV. Besides VSecret spray is safe and free from harmful chemicals. The ZeroTouch technology offers you feeling fresh and clean it only needs to be sprayed on your panties for 24 hours protection.

The Best Companions for Women

V18 bamboo ginger benefit 1.9-01

Name: Wong Yan Xiang
Position: Nutritionist
Education: BSc(Hons) Nutrition with Wellness UCSI University