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Why Pea Protein 18 Grains?

Lactose Free

Lactose Free




Vegetarian Friendly

No cholesterol

No Cholesterol

Low Saturated Fats

Low Saturated Fats

Dietary Fibre

Dietary Fibre


• Pea Protein contains branched-chain amino acid that promotes muscle growth


• Dietary fibre contained in Pea Protein 18 grains reduces constipation.

Weight Loss

• Increases satiety that is effective at promoting fullness. Best weight management companion!

Our body requires 20 types of essential and non-essential amino acids to build up different type of protein. Non-essential amino acids are naturally produced by our body while essential amino acids are acquired through food intake. 

Majority of essential amino acids are derived from animal-based food but studies had shown that these animal protein may increase our risks for kidney failures, heart diseases and increases our mortality rate. 

Essential amino acids can also be derived from plant-based products, such as Peas. The choice of protein is important! Choose wisely, choose plant-based protein! 

Pea Protein 18 Grains Provide Complete Nutrition For All Ages

• Support growth and development

• Building blocks for bones and muscles 

• Stay active 

• Increase immunity 

• Increase brain function

Dua Lang

• Healthy meal replacement

• Weight management

• Exercise and physically active

• Improve meal quality 

• Increase immunity

Lao Lang

• Rebuild and maintain muscle 

• Increase body strength 

• Increase immunity

Let’s Prep!


For Tea-Time Snacks

~ Add 150ml of warm water into shaker.

~  Add 4 scoops of Pea Protein into shaker with water 

~ Shake and consume.

** Adjust amount of scoops to desirable taste.


For Meal Replacement

~ Add 400ml of warm water into shaker. 

~Add 6 – 8 scoops of Pea Protein into shaker with water.

~Shake and add other ingredients.

**Check out our GSure Bowl recipe here!

Testimonial 🧡


After drinking Pea Protein, I do not feel as gloated as other brands as it is lactose free! Watch video here


Ever since I include Pea Protien into my daily diet, I notice that my body feels more refreshed and energetic. Read more… 


After drinking Pea Protein, I have lesser headache and it was easier to manage my body weight… Read more

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